All duvets are filled with 100% eiderdown, hand collected at the Haganes farm in North Iceland

A Haganes is not just a duvet. It’s an experience. Sleeping in eiderdown is a luxury for those who want to invest in their sleep. And when you invest in a Haganes duvet we guarantee it’s 100% pure eiderdown. We can give that guarantee, because we follow the down from it’s collected in Haganes Vik, till it’s filled into duvets at our design studio in Copenhagen. The duvet covers are made from high quality silk and cotton, and the final result is a soft and light duvet, that will keep you warm and comfortable all year round. We collect the eiderdown from eider ducks that return ashore during spring, to lay its eggs. Icelandic eiderdown is known for its high quality, and North Iceland is famous for producing some of the best eiderdown in the world. In relation to weight, eiderdown offers the best heat insulation. And its natural ability to adjust to the temperature in the room, gives you a perfect nights sleep, where you are never too warm, or too cold. Once you have tried an eiderdown duvet, you will never want to sleep with anything else.


Not too warm. Not too cold.  Eiderdown naturally adjust to your temperature.

Eiderdown is also known as the gold of Iceland, and is today more rare than a new Ferrari. It is lighter and finer than goose or duck down, and is collected from eider ducks who return ashore during spring, to lay its eggs. Icelandic eiderdown is known for its high quality, and unlike other fillings, it can keep its heat value for 100 years. Haganes down is collected, and cleaned according to Icelandic law and standards. They have rarity value and can only be collected in small volumes. Therefore the prices are correspondingly high.