For four generations our family have collected eiderdown at the Haganes farm in North Iceland

Haganes is a family company, based on the coast of North Iceland and in the heart of Copenhagen. For four generations our family have collected eiderdown at the farm, in North Iceland. And with the launch of our design studio in Copenhagen, we can now offer premium eiderdown duvets to a contemporary audience all over the world. Eiderdown has always been a part of the family story, since the parents of Siguberg Benediktsson were living on the Haganes farm, until today, where his daughter Steinunn Sigurbergsdóttir and grand daughter Katrin Bjerre are continuing the tradition. The Haganes farm has been blessed by nature with its rich bird life. But it's only because of the family's dedication to create a natural habitat around the Haganes farm, that the best eider ducks return to the area each spring. This makes Haganes unique, because we follow the down from it's hand collected, cleaned and filled into luxury duvet covers.


Hand collected in North Iceland, designed in Copenhagen

Our design studio in Copenhagen is where the eiderdown is turned into premium duvets. Our goal is to design beautiful crafted products, that meets the standard of  a contemporary audience, who wants to bring the luxury of nature, into the comfort of their bedrooms. A Haganes duvet is designed for that need, because we follow the eiderdown all the way from it is collected in Haganes, until it is delivered as a premium duvet to our customers. That's why we give you a 100% guarantee that our product has not been blended with other down, or in any other way been degraded.